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If you are an existing casting director/associate/assistant or if you feel you have what it takes to work in casting then you now have the opportunity to make this brand your own.

The established international business trading as ' casting' is now available for complete purchase or even partner with us. If you purchase the company outright, you can use the brand in its current state or you can use the domain name for your new or existing business.

As working actors with over 30 years experience we formed casting over 10 years ago. Following the purchase of the domain name from a Broadway theatre archive for the sum of $10,000 our casting business was born. If you want sole operation then if you develope this brand further and take it to the next level.

If you purchase this business you will receive all the top level domain names for this business. These include:

You will possess all trading logos and our social media pages e.g., and with access to all the followers we have, including many top industry professionals. You will also receive our merchandise store complete with designs and thus access this financial stream.

In order to make an official offer you must make a one-off non-refundable payment of 25.00 in the form of a donation from the link provided. This will confirm to us that your intentions are genuine.

Donate 25.00

Following this you should then use our contact page and add your receipt number in the title. You should then add the price you are offering as the message and we will then contact you with the results of your offer.

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